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Best Ballina Empower U Yet!

Ballina had originally never been on my radar to run Empower U. While I have run programs in small towns or more remote regions it was only until I had been contacted by some locals that we had decided to run there. After their dedication and hard work we ran the...

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Our 1st Empower U for the Year. The Best of all time?

  This year marks the 15 Year Anniversary for Tomorrows Youth International and the Empower U program!! What a way to celebrate with an absolutely phenomenal weekend. It was one of the best programs, if not the best, run in the last 15 years. [video width="1280"...

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5-DAY CAMP was an overwhelming Success

When I started Tomorrows Youth all the way back in October of 2001 I had a vision to enlighten todays youth by teaching them life skills not focused on in school. The first was a weekend program where I would take teenagers from all kinds of backgrounds and give them...

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Goal setting

What you want and why you want it Life is like a game of soccer; you’re going to get bored very quickly if you don’t have any goals. Goals are simply outcomes that you plan to achieve. Most people never set definite goals for themselves, usually because they want to...

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The following is an amazing passage that a dear friend of ours, Grant Lewers, wrote regarding parents and why they are such an important part of our life. Enjoy…   Before I started running seminars I worked on one with teenagers. One of the first people I worked with...

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Ishana Pilger

Ishana Pilger, 17 years old When you first attended Empower U: I first attended Empower U in May 2014 when Brent delivered his 2-day program at our school camp. I then traveled up to Sydney to attend the ‘proper’ Empower U in March 2015.   Your recent successes/ what...

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A New Way of Looking at Things The way that we think about something can be called a frame. Pre-framing is setting up in advance how you want someone to think about something and reframing is changing the way that a person thinks about something. Preframing is used to...

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The BreakFree Experience is Back!!!

After a hugely successful event back in February of this year we can finally announce that "The BreakFree Experience" is coming back. The date is set for January 30th 2016 which is a perfect way to kick off the new year. We are currently taking bookings but are...

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