I would like to say a huge thank you to you and your team. Both kids had an amazing weekend and learnt more than they could have imagined. Liam was particularly cross when I told him he was attending the Empower U weekend. He was complaining that he would be the youngest, it was aimed at much older kids, it would be a waste of time and, worst of all, it meant he would miss trampoline training!

I could not believe it when on Sunday night, I was the one taking home a completely different child! His sense of entitlement had disappeared, he was “present” and connected. He was mindful of the actions and feelings of those around him. And best of all, he was motivated and focused on his goals. I was BLOWN AWAY!

Once again thank you!

Annemarie Christie

Clinical Director, The Children's Doctor

Hear from Empower U Program Participants

Environment is Key

At many of our Empower U programs, up to a third of the participants we have are revisits. This means that they’ve done the program two, three, four, or even five times! You might read that and think “Wow! That sounds amazing!” or you might read that and think “Why...

A Strong Start to 2018

Mid July 2002 in an office floor of a building in Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW Empower U began. It was a slow start on the Friday night but by the end, It was an overwhelming success with many of the participants claiming that it was the best experience of their lives....

Empower U is a phenomenal program which I see as being an integral piston to both my personal development engine and my drive to live life on my terms.

I’ve had nothing but fun times throughout the start of what I know will be a long journey with Tomorrows Youth, as it’s the perfect environment for me to be continuously learning and growing personally, emotionally, professionally, intellectually and creatively.

To attend my first program was an opportunity I will never regret and is something I guarantee you will forever cherish if you want to live a life of fulfillment, love, happiness and prosperity and passion!

Jack Oates

Empower U was a guide to helping me find what i want in life, making myself feel like i have a purpose and that anything is possible, that I don’t need to dream anymore because those dreams will become my reality.

Lets say I have a car with a flat battery and to start it I need jumper leads.  Now lets turn it around, I’m the car and Empower U is my jumper leads.  Its my jump start to a happy life filled with adventure.

I have learned so many life lessons which i will incorporate in to my everyday life.  Thank you for helping me find a better version of myself which i never knew existed.

Sam Long

For me, empower U wasn’t just as amazing experience, but a positive wake up call to trying my best and succeeding in life. I feel that the 2 day and 5 day camps have had a major effect on my life and I can’t thank Brent and the assist team enough. In the future I will strive for success using the knowledge that I have gained from empower U.

Sasha Martyn

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