• Self-motivation is the power that raises you to any level you seek.

• If you are truly successful, you gladly accept personal responsibility for self-motivation. You start yourself because you have the key to your own ignition switch.

• A common reason for human failure is total disregard for the power of self-motivation.

• It is impossible to motivate someone else until you’ve learned to motivate yourself.

• Opportunities are everywhere for one who understands and uses self-motivation.

• Self-motivated people make commitments, ordinary people make promises.

• Ultimately, the question of what we get out of life depends on how well we match what we want with self-motivation.

• The power of personal motivation comes from a definite, personalized plan of action and the application of that plan every day of your life.

• Before you can move upward toward pre-determined success, you must trigger your own motive power.

• Never to discover your own power and your own potential is to be mentally bedridden all of your life.

Paul J. Meyer

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TOMORROWS YOUTH INTERNATIONAL is an organisation that runs Advanced Life-Skills seminars for young people, including their internationally successful 2½-Day Empower U Program, giving teenagers and young adults from around the world an opportunity to ‘leap-frog’ ahead of 96% of their peers.

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