The participant acknowledges that he/she is attending the program willingly with the intention of participating fully so as to achieve the optimum outcome.

All the information, techniques, skills and concepts contained within the program are not in any way recommended in place of treatment for any illness or medical condition, nor is it the intent of Tomorrow’s Youth International to diagnose or prescribe. Should the participant choose to make use of the information contained within the program, this is his/her decision and Tomorrow’s Youth do not assume any responsibilities whatsoever under any conditions or circumstances.

Tomorrow’s Youth International reserves the right to terminate a participant’s enrolment at any time throughout the program if, in the opinion of Tomorrow’s Youth the participant in question is behaving in a manner that is disruptive to the other participants.

The participant acknowledges that he/she is not allowed to go outside of the areas designated by Tomorrow’s Youth International. If at any time the participant goes outside the boundaries set, Tomorrow’s Youth will no longer accept any responsibility for the participant.

Tomorrow’s Youth International takes all care but no responsibility if an injury is sustained in any game or process. The participant understands that such activities are undertaken at his/her own risk.

For training purposes, and legal reasons the entire program will be filmed. The tapes will be logged by Tomorrow’s Youth International and may be used for promotional purposes if required.

Any valuables brought along to the program are the participant’s personal responsibility and Tomorrow’s Youth International accepts no responsibility for loss or damage.

During the course of the program (including after the hours of the program over the set days), no drugs or alcohol are to be taken (except those prescribed by a registered medical practitioner or those agreed to between Tomorrow’s Youth International and the participant or the participant’s parent/guardian prior to the commencement of the program). If this rule is broken the participant’s enrolment will be cancelled immediately.

Any participant having a medical, mental or physical illness of any kind must inform Tomorrow’s Youth International at least one week prior to the course commencement. Failure to notify Tomorrow’s Youth International may result in the termination of the participant’s enrolment.

Tomorrow’s Youth International will not be held liable for any incident whatsoever that takes place after the program completion.

The program is a structured training course designed to develop, maintain and improve personal skills. The participant may choose to seek independent tax advice as to the deductibility of the investment of the program.

Refund Policy:

All Tomorrow’s Youth International programs carry a 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee. However, this guarantee period commences on the day you have completed the program, and not from the date of purchase. Hence in order to obtain a full refund, you must attend and complete the entire program.

A admin fee of $200 will be applied to any refund should you cancel on the commencement day of the program. Should you cancel on the second or third day then the admin fee will be $275.

In order to receive your refund these procedures must be followed:

Request a refund from Tomorrow’s Youth International within 7 calendar days from date of the program completion. Send your Program materials (manuals etc) to Tomorrow’s Youth International in good, reusable condition. A refund will be issued by return post within 10 working days of Tomorrow’s Youth International receiving the request and program materials. Failure to follow these procedures may result in not receiving a refund.

Part payment, or, deposits are not available for refund unless the total amount is paid prior to the completion of the program and the program is completed. Revisits are not available for refunds.

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